Interviewing Tips

90% of hires are based solely upon the interview according to a Harvard Business Review study.

In fact, 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.3 minutes of an interview (SHRM Study.)

So the interview is probably the most important part of the hiring process. And that's why it is wise to spend time with your personal recruiter to better understand how to best prepare for the interview.

Remember to continuously "take temperatures" because people have minds and they're changing them constantly. And it is smart to listen to what they don't say. Being prepared for an interview is vital.

Things To Remember:

  • People have to buy you before they buy from you.
  • People hire and accept emotionally first and justify logically later.
  • People are most sold by your conviction rather than by your persuasion.
  • Know your technology, but think PEOPLE.

Candidate Preparation:

Please go over these tips prior to your interview.

We will usually be able to let you know whether it will be a series of one-on-one interviews, or a panel interview, or a combination.  

And working with us, you will learn what the potential employer is most likely to ask you.   Practice your answers to these anticipated questions: out loud to yourself, in front of a mirror, and before the interview.

It would also be good to develop a list of 3 or 4 questions that you would like answered, or that will at least show your interest, and show off your homework - they should be open ended questions, so that there is no wrong answer.  These should be questions about the job, not questions about benefits or salary etc. (Do study the potential employer's website).

Sample Questions:

  • What are the primary duties and responsibilities of the position I'm applying for? (This is an excellent icebreaker question for the hiring authority and a great start to a successful interview).
  • What are the short and long term goals set for the person in this position?
  • What obstacles would prevent me from reaching my goals?

It is best not to bring up salary.  But if they bring it up, you should answer their question.  Remember, the final result often comes down to personal chemistry, and how well you impress everyone.  When everything clicks, the compensation package will fall into place.

If you feel that they ask a question or raise a concern about your ability to do the job or something in your past, PAUSE then ask a leading question to pinpoint the question or concern.  Answer that question or concern with a specific example from your experience/resume.  Remember, questions and concerns are often buying signs, and properly answering them validates your experience and establishes chemistry.

It is best to take 5 or so copies of your resume with you - just in case.

In all cases, if you want the job, do pick the appropriate time and ask for the job.  But the advice is to only ask once, and that should be directly to the hiring authority. Something like: "I want this job, when can I start?" or "I like what you've described, what is our next step"?  They really expect to find someone eager to join their team – they want you to want them just as much as you want the job.

Do try to get all the names and email addresses of the interviewers so that you can follow-up the interview with a thank-you email.

Don't forget to laugh, if it is appropriate!  The process can be stressful, relax!  Enjoy the interview!

After you leave the interview, it is very important that you call us immediately!

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