Search Process

We specialize in recruitment of impact players for your senior, mid-level management and professional positions by providing comprehensive and customized search and recruitment services to achieve your specific hiring objectives. We accomplish this by bringing together our industry expertise, recruiting experience and a commitment to provide our clients with unsurpassed levels of quality and service.


We conduct a series of meetings with hiring managers to determine the position scope, duties, and responsibilities as well as necessary “fit.” We then initiate our research effort in identified target markets.

Candidate Sourcing

We obtain candidates from a variety of sources, mostly from direct sourcing methods. We specialize in finding passive or hidden candidates. Additionally, we use our network to get referrals from successful candidates we have placed or other contacts we maintain in our specialized industries.

Candidate Screening

We begin with an initial telephone screening to determine interest and background. We then follow up with a thorough interview to determine qualifications and discuss compensation. We have the candidate complete an online interview through Interview Stream that results in a combination of video and written responses to questions designed to determine appropriate skills and experience of each candidate.  Once we have identified a number of qualified candidates, we go through a final review to ensure each candidate has the necessary fit for your organization.

Presentation Of Candidates

We present only the best qualified candidates that have been fully screened. We will schedule a telephone call to review the candidates with you to select those you will interview. Prior to your meeting with them, we will forward candidate resumes and multimedia candidate profiles through InterviewStream. We will also coordinate schedules as part of setting up initial interviews.

Interview Process

Our Account Executives debrief both the client and candidate after each interview. We re-qualify the candidate’s commitment to the process. We will also consult with the candidate’s spouse or family members as needed – particularly helpful when relocation is a possibility. During each conversation, we pre-close the candidate before any offer is extended.

Reference Checking / Skills Testing

At the client’s request, we will also conduct formal reference checks and skills testing either prior to or directly after an offer has been extended.

Offer Presentation & Acceptance

Epic Search Partners will work closely with your organization on all offers of employment to ensure acceptance by candidates. We will mediate negotiations regarding salary terms, relocation, benefits packages and start dates. We also counsel the candidate during the process of resigning their present position and dealing with counteroffers.

Follow Up

Epic Search Partners will remain in close contact with all candidates up to the start dates and for a period of time following to ensure any issues are surfaced and communicated appropriately.

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