Assistant Security Officer/ Deputy Dog
(973) 635-3745

Rowdy is the newest addition to the Epic staff, joining us in March of this year just in time for our move to a new and unfamiliar building. She has been working hard to focus on office security, but as a 6 month old is challenged by the fact that she has an older sister in the office who isn't just going to wrestle herself.

Her training has been built around fending off “vicious” leg and throat biting attacks from Stella, chewing lots of marrow bones, and strictly adhering to an arduous napping schedule.


Favorite Food: Whatever you have in your hand or on your plate right now

Favorite Drink: Lots and lots of water. So much that it drips from my mouth all the way across the office after I take a drink

Favorite Pastimes: Sitting on Stella’s head and laying on top of my humans like a pancake on a griddle

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