Our History Speaks for Itself

I've known Peter for several years now, and have been on both sides of his recruiting efforts. Peter has a firm grasp of the digital marketing space and a deep understanding of the various job functions, skill-sets and experience levels that define an ideal candidate. Peter excels at maintaining long lasting relationships, and as a result is always ready to deliver results (and candidates for that matter). When my needs are urgent, Peter's vast experience and extensive network are the primary reasons that he is my go-to partner!

John I. - New York

I've had the opportunity to work with Pete in both a business and personal capacity since approximately 2008. I found Pete to be an expert at taking an enterprise business solution from concept to execution. Moreover, his integrity and friendly nature has always made working with him a pleasure - I know he has my project's best interests at heart.

Clay C. - New York

Just wanted to let you all at Epic Search Partners know that my first day was amazing. I definitely made the right decision. I couldn't be more excited about my new position!

Paul L. - New York

Prior to using Epic Search Partners for my executive employment, I have always gone it alone in my quest for the perfect career. Their engaging and professional staff led me to the great company and excellent position I have today. I should have used them a long time ago!

Greg J. - San Francisco

Everything is progressing nicely with my new job. Thank you for working with me to provide this opportunity! From beginning to end, you have been nothing but the highest caliber professionals and the best recruiters I have ever worked with.

Jay K. - Los Angeles

Vanessa was so great to work with while looking for a new job. She was so helpful, answered all my questions and made me feel very prepared for my interviews. 


Vanessa has been an absolute pleasure to work with when I've looked for new career opportunities. Vanessa does a great job of taking the time to get to know you to best understand what you are looking for in a new role and what companies could be a great fit, rather than just throwing any opportunity your way. I look forward to working with her again in the future!


Vanessa was crucial in helping advance my career. Vanessa remained by my side during the 8 month search, which is atypical in the recruiting industry. I would highly recommend her and Epic Search Partners to any candidate looking for a career upgrade.


"You honestly have been the best recruiter I have ever worked with. Thank you for being so thorough and diligent in your work. I responded back similarly to many recruiters and none of them reached out at this time as requested." 


"Thank you Vanessa. Although that is not what I was hoping for I do have to tell you that you are the best recruiter I have ever worked with. You are thorough, honest and reliable, qualities I rarely see in a recruiter. " 


"You're an awesome recruiter. I'm glad we connected!"


"You are AWESOME!"


"Oh my gosh, this [resume] is crazy beautiful! You're a Microsoft Word genius! Thank you so much!"


"Thanks for sending those {Resignation & Counteroffer articles} over.  That's why I come to you! Your ability to go above and beyond is what makes me think of you before other recruiters. Thanks for doing your job so well."


"Thank you so much Vanessa! I'm very excited for the new opportunity and it's all thanks to you. I really do hope we get the opportunity to meet in person one day. You are a kind soul who was clearly born to help others." 


"Jennifer is an exceptional recruiter that works hard to develop a mutually beneficial fit between clients. She is always available for support, guidance and genuinely cares for her people. 

Despite being in an industry riddled with a burn and churn attitude, Jen manages to askew these pitfalls, providing open communication and integrity to the discipline. Jen is refreshing for what she brings to the industry and the process."

Jim K. - President & CMO at Inergetics Inc.-

"Jennifer has the amazing ability of connecting people and businesses to make win win situations. When I was ready for a new challenge, she found the perfect fit, and my life has changed so much because of it. I actually hope to never need to use Jennifer again, but if that time comes, I would use no one but her!"

Marisa F. - Online Marketing Consultant-

"Jennifer is the most outstanding recruiter I have ever worked with. From the initial call to negotiating the placement she learned what I wanted and led me to the perfect fit. My current company still retains her services. If anyone in my line of work is looking she is the first and only recommendation I give them to further their career ambitions. Jennifer is very personable and above all else I consider her a friend."

Mike K. - Chief Strategy Officer at Haystack Reputation-

"Jennifer is a professional recruiter running her business by taking care of your needs rather than focusing on placing you. I felt she had my best interests at heart and I have since reached out to her to fill positions on my team. I can't image leaving my current position but if that should ever change my first call will be to her and her team."

Lars F. - VP, Performance Display Lead NA at Ecselis-

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