Domestic outsourcing: The nationwide digital marketing talent resource

Domestic outsourcing: The nationwide digital marketing talent resource

You may have heard the term domestic outsourcing or onshoring, but what is it? 

The practice makes fantastic use of national talent and remote technology, hiring professionals from beyond coastal areas and cities, where cost of living and salary expectations are high, and focusing on other interior areas where quality service can be acquired at a competitive price. 

Some digital marketing agencies—including paid search, social media and programmatic display —that shifted critical functions to offshore companies, in hopes of maximizing their resources, have since discovered the practice can be … problematic. 

In our previous article, we examined how digital marketing agencies could be free of geographical limitations and expand their talent pools to include the greater United States, increasing the number and, thereby, the diversity of voices their messaging carries forward. Here, we examine the reversal of outsourcing and turning towards domestic means when addressing talent and hiring obstacles, and how searching domestically for talent and leadership is not only locally beneficial but economically viable.

How does domestic outsourcing mitigate these issues and benefit digital marketing firms now and in the future?

A clearer line of communication

Products and services develop, improve and become more precise in their delivery because consumers or clients deliver quantifiable and useful feedback. They are more satisfied, even when things might go wrong, if they feel heard.

Domestic outsourcing eliminates the language and cultural barriers that can hamper the effectiveness of overseas associates, and can reduce the lag between consumer, onshore associate and service provider because of geographical proximity. 

Digital marketing is about reaching a target audience—and cultural awareness is a massive factor in successfully understanding that very complex equation and executing it effectively. Working with professionals from within the United States effectively eliminates many of these subtle communication pitfalls.

Talent migration equals affordability 

Outsourcing gained prominence in the United States when prominent tech companies developed in areas where the cost of living was the highest in the country. As digital industries grew, their cities, like San Francisco, for instance, grew with them, further decreasing affordability and increasing the size of a viable salary.

However, the availability of tech didn’t linger in these areas. It grew and expanded and the amount of capable and specialized professionals grew along with it, resulting in smaller cities and other more affordable areas possessing the necessary talent to service any organization.

Domestic outsourcing is a perfect solution to finding digital marketing talent and services in our current social and economic climate. As a result of the pandemic, people are moving, migrating out of massive urban areas in record numbers, finding their way to smaller cities and towns, but still connected by vital advances in remote work and time management technologies.  

Geography now enables companies to find affordable domestic talent as opposed to settling for people and services largely disconnected from their unique company and personal culture. 

Course correction is time sensitive

Developing an effective digital marketing campaign is not a singular action. It requires creativity, analysis and adjustments to be done regularly. 

We have to make these course corrections, have necessary remote and, at times, in-person meetings to stay on mission and enable teams to work effectively. Domestic outsourcing—again—reduces the lag inherent in working with professionals and companies in timezones on the other side of the planet.

Finding affordable talent closer to HQ grants real-time control and corrections that, both short-term and long-term, result in increased customer satisfaction, communication and profitability.

Epic Search Partners can help your company build tight-knit, diverse digital marketing teams, harnessing the talent and skills active in your own backyard. 


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