Getting Your Teams in Sync: A Look at EOS

Getting Your Teams in Sync: A Look at EOS

EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System): What is this concept that has thousands of businesses, firms and organizations growing faster, balancing personal and professional lives more efficiently and harnessing human potential through the expert application of what many would call a few simple principles?  

Well, let’s have a look.

EOS wants you to get better at these three things.


I think within any business, and especially within the world of digital marketing, a cohesive vision is fundamentally necessary when establishing that drive, that passion, that destination we can all collectively work towards. 

Within every business or organization, no matter how specialized, there are different focuses, different specialties. Some members of your team are creatives, others more technical, and still others take on difficult supportive roles that make every project or campaign possible. As EOS logically points out, any organization must ensure their teams are on the same page with a clear picture of where they seek to be and a detailed plan on how they intend to get there. 

Communicate. Make adjustments. Move forward together. 


Now that we have our proposed destination, how do we maintain a steady course forward? What attributes allow us to develop a set of best practices that make this journey towards greater consistent professional and personal achievement possible? 

Again, EOS breaks this into simple concepts. Focus leaders continually reinforce the direction their teams are moving in—constantly refining how they intend to achieve that aforementioned vision. By emphasizing discipline—a strict adherence to the improvement of each and every individual team member—the application of consistent elevation of the individual benefits your team as a whole. And by promoting absolute accountability—leaning on the aforementioned focus and discipline—a leader can develop growth plans for their team members, all tailored to help your teams actively manifest your vision.

Agree upon a target. Fortify the individual. Strengthen the team, 


This is one of the broader categories EOS spotlights, but it might be the most foundational and fundamental to a team’s success. 

In order for a team to succeed and take the steps needed to reach and exceed a proposed vision, they have to work well together, have established roles and have the support to lead healthy personal and professional lives. This is a dynamic part of the leadership improvement model and will require the highest level of attention to implement effectively. You will have to listen to your firm’s digital marketing teams and individual contributors, determining where divisions may arise and remedying them proactively. You must make certain that all of your team members have the tools necessary to do their jobs and to create free from easily preventable technical tripping points. You must be mindful of your team’s physical and mental well-being, giving them adequate benefits and time away from work—both significant signs that you are a leader that understands balance is a fundamental part of success.

Listen. Learn. Grow together. 

At Epic Search Partners, we help you build the teams that do some of the greatest work in the digital marketing space—but our work doesn’t stop at recruitment. We are recruiters and consultants, and we want to help your organization and the teams within grow and develop in profitable and sustainable ways. We believe EOS is a resource that will help us more effectively help you.


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