In-house digital marketing: Doing what works for you

In-house digital marketing: Doing what works for you

Let’s take a quick look at in-house digital marketing. 

What are the benefits of having an internal team of digital marketing professionals that work exclusively for your organization? What are the drawbacks?

We all want an expanded, efficient and effective digital presence. No matter what space we are in, our messaging needs to be clear, concise and genuine. Our purpose needs to be clear. We need to be sharp, always producing content that keeps up with consumer expectations, answers inquiries before they exist and paints a deeper picture of our company culture. 

Steering that message is of paramount importance—so who captains the effort? Whom do you trust? If you’re thinking of going with an  in-house marketing team, here are the votes for “yay.”

An in-house digital marketing team knows you

They know the industry you work within because they work in it every day. Outside marketing teams can do a great job, but understanding the complexities of niche markets can have a learning curve that takes valuable time to surmount.

Your team will also understand your culture and will craft a voice and tone that reflects how you want consumers and potential consumers to perceive you. Your first priorities will always be theirs. 


Your team works for you and only you. That’s kind of the whole point. You don’t share their time or their focus. They don’t have to make any of the adjustments that come with going from company to company. Internal teams make additions as needed, creating original and relevant content that can bolster a strategy without having to schedule a meeting a week out. And that leads to …

In-house digital marketing teams are exceedingly agile

You can engage your team in real-time, make adjustments to content calendars and campaigns on the fly, have the conversations you need to have without having that lag in between. 

Time-sensitive course correction is always a plus.  

When a team isn’t working with multiple clients at a time, every resource, every piece of potent digital ammunition is at your disposal at all times. Sure, quality content takes time to create and produce, but your team can do it without deviation. 

And now for the “nays”


Hiring an in-house digital marketing team will generally cost you more. Simply put, the availability of services you get from working with an outside agency is hard to replicate in a single hire. For a comprehensive marketing effort, you will need professional designers, copywriters, analysts and web developers. Chances are, you won’t find that in just one person who can handle such a workload. Having all of those marketing resources on-hand and exclusively yours can be incredibly effective, but it is an investment that doesn’t fit every business.

Experience Diversity

When a marketing professional only works for one client, they only work for one client. And there’s the rub. By working with only one company, these professionals gain stability and can put all their creative energies toward one goal, but working within an agency that handles multiple clients pushes them to gain experience that can yield adaptability and incredibly valuable perspectives that can only come with overcoming diverse digital obstacles.

Digital marketing is inherently nomadic

Younger digital marketing professionals change agencies and companies frequently, gaining experience and moving to where there is a demand for their aptitudes and valuable experiences to be had. Building your own in-house digital marketing team can increase retention, but keep in mind, you are competing with an entire rapidly expanding, highly competitive industry. 

At Epic Search Partners, our real-world experience and niche focus on digital marketing recruitment place us in the position to see the benefits of both approaches to developing an effective digital presence. Reach out to us today so we can help your business or organization with the approach that works best for you. 


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