What Oracle’s Partnership with TikTok Means for Agencies

What Oracle’s Partnership with TikTok Means for Agencies

You may have noticed that TikTok’s booming popularity continues as Stay-at-Home orders drag on.

Since the start of quarantine, this app witnessed explosive growth as the most downloaded non-gaming app on the iOS app store and Google Play with no signs of slowing down. Even the government has taken notice

On August 6, President Trump threatened to ban TikTok unless sold in 45 days, leading to the platform eventually striking a deal with Oracle.

If they haven’t done so already, your clients will start asking about what your agency can do to increase their presence on this monumental app. Yet this app is unlike any other social media network.

TikTok’s format requires different creativity compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with its short 15- or 60-second mobile videos. Brands also can’t repurpose the content they create on their other channels for TikTok without it looking awkward and ineffective.

Therefore, you’ll need to hire a unique skill set if you want to help clients optimize their TikTok presence. Here are a few skills you should look for:

  • TikTok experience – It goes without saying that if your account managers aren’t on TikTok, either make sure they get acquainted quickly or find someone who feels comfortable creating and editing videos on there. TikTok requires a certain level of creativity because you want these videos to be widely shared. If you’re hiring new employees specifically to help you manage your clients’ TikTok accounts, be sure to ask pointed questions that demonstrate strategic thinking related to the platform.
  • Influencer management – TikTok relies heavily on influencers and content creators to keep its users engaged on the app. Unlike influencers you might find on other channels, TikTok’s top creators are in the Gen Z demographic. That means the person you hire needs to know how to engage younger influencers. As an example, these influencers care less about receiving free products and more about being authentic to their followers. Make sure the person you’re hiring understands the nuances of how each influencer uses the platform and how to best work with them.
  • Music marketing – The majority of brands with viral TikTok videos have done so because they’ve created original music that weaves into their brand. To execute effectively, your agency should have someone on staff with a musical or production background in order to run a successful TikTok campaign. While brands are allowed to use the app’s musical library, the brands with the most engagement are the ones who have a “musical strategy.” If your job candidates can speak to previous music or theater experience, they are more likely to be successful on TikTok.  
  • Ability to keep up with pop culture – In other digital or social media positions you’ve filled, your employee’s competency to do the job is all that matters. TikTok requires social media managers to know what’s trending at all times and so they can make the brands they’re working with relevant. Whoever you hire to boost your agency’s expertise in TikTok should have a deep understanding of what is trending at all times.
  • Scriptwriting and production experience – TikTok videos are quick. Brands need to make their point and do so quickly. Hiring someone who is an effective scriptwriter and can add the necessary edits to their video will create outstanding TikTok content. A great video has the right combination of captions and effects that make the clip highly entertaining.

Need help finding TikTok talent for your agency? Contact our digital recruitment consultants and let us help you find your next star.


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