Working with a recruiter: Some words of advice

Working with a recruiter: Some words of advice

Working with a recruiter can truly do wonders for your career. One, it can put you in a much stronger position than going it alone. Two, their connections can often open up hiring markets you may not have known to exist. 

However, just like any other service provider, you have work to do too. Candidates must research and be smart about which talent management professional they chose to represent them. 

Establish what you are worth

As a professional, you should have a good idea of the salary range the market is offering and where you fit in it—based on your current earnings, experience, success, etc. 

While working with a recruiter, you should have a conversation about, in their experience, what they think you are worth and a range you think is reasonable. You should establish expectations and only accept roles that fall within the parameters you discussed. 

Don’t undervalue yourself. Maximize the potential of every career move … while being realistic. 

Know who recruiters work for

A recruiter is most often given a search assignment by a company. The hiring company pays the recruiter’s bills. 

That being said, it is in the recruiter’s and the company’s best interests if they present a candidate who fits the company culture and has the ability to perform well. 

Working with a recruiter can allow you to find a professional home in a business that compliments your strengths and where you’ll do exceptional work. That reflects well on the recruiter, granting them a greater chance at repeat business. An exceptional recruiter will always bear this in mind and will never suggest you make a move to a company that will impede your ability to excel.

Communication is king

You won’t know every detail of the hiring process, but a good recruiter will keep you apprised of your standing and give you feedback relevant to the next step of the hiring process.

A good recruiter won’t sugarcoat things, wasting valuable time placating your ego. They will tell you what will increase and decrease your chances of success, offer suggestions on how to mitigate any weaknesses they perceive and suggest how to highlight strengths that might give you a leg up.

A recruiter helps you market yourself by communicating relevant and honest observations when they are most useful.

Not every recruiter is right for your industry

Sometimes being an effective candidate advocate is about having the specific knowledge only experience in the industry can provide.

Working with a recruiter, the right recruiter, is often about choosing someone who is a specialist, who has extensive experience in your industry and really knows the ins and the outs of what you do—a professional who can speak with authority and certainty and is someone the companies you want to work for trust.

Ask pointed questions. Figure out how long the recruiter has been recruiting in your industry. Discuss the hiring challenges they have faced in the past. All of these inquiries will help you to establish a baseline depth of knowledge and determine if they are the right person to represent you and the future of your career.

At Epic Search Partners, we focus on recruiting the professionals essential to the digital marketing space. We want every candidate we represent to know they are getting the best possible representation and are put on the path to the best possible job.


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