Your Digital Marketing Team: Our Suggested Roster

Your Digital Marketing Team: Our Suggested Roster

A digital marketing team doesn’t just happen. And while it would be nice if the ideal team just materialized organically—sadly, it requires a bit more.

First off and logically, it requires people—people with different skills, backgrounds and core capabilities—a diverse set of individuals who, when managed and led correctly, can accomplish the vast and various tasks present within even the average campaign. 

Secondly, developing these groups requires an experienced and discerning eye with the knowledge and access to pull the necessary and correct talent from every possible source. 

Thirdly, it will take what none of us seem to be able to get enough of—time. So let us save you some by offering you some advice and a few insights we’ve gained.

Working with a recruiter, especially one who has not only filled roles but has worked them, is a resource an agency can’t afford to ignore while devoting the majority of their resources to remaining successful in hyper-competitive markets rather than to the creation of a digital marketing team that can keep them ahead.

These are a few of the voices that digital marketing teams truly benefit from incorporating.

The Planner is the individual capable of multi-level planning, thinking ahead and developing multifaceted marketing strategies that work collectively towards a return on investment and the completion of creative goals.

The Empath doesn’t magically understand how audiences are responding to your content. They listen to the feedback offered by all of your marketing channels and offer innovative solutions based on what they hear.

The Analyst is the quantifiable answer to “Is this working?” More than any other members of your digital marketing team, they offer the visible results your clients want and course correction based on those analytics.

The Writer might be the most difficult role to pin down. They must be an avid researcher, possess above-average emotional intelligence and have the ability to place themselves within the audience to determine those voices that will form lasting connections with content consumers.

The Technologist stays ahead of the most current tools and technologies, allowing your agency to reach untapped markets and new audiences ahead of the competition. They are a key component in efficient resource use. 

And finally, The Taskmaster. A skilled and dedicated project manager is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing team, connecting team members, offering an elevated perspective on how projects are progressing as a whole and giving support to all essential roles as needed. 

At Epic Search Partners, our recruiters can help you put together truly exceptional digital marketing teams. Reach out today and start building better teams. 


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