We were originally introduced to EOS® or the Entrepreneurial Operating System® by several of our Marketing Agency clients.  Since then, we have helped many firms that speak EOS® to find exceptional talent at all levels of their organizations.

We were so impressed with EOS® that we implemented it here at Epic Search Partners.  We all speak the language and utilize the Ninety.io platform to leverage the Entrepreneurial Operating System® across our business.

If your company is currently or planning on running on EOS®, we can help you with many aspects of the People Component. Here are a few of the services we provide to companies like you:

  • Recruiting
  • Hiring process consulting
  • Training interviewing techniques for hiring team
  • Culture building services
  • Outplacement services
  • Agency Accelerator


Recruiting: We have created a unique recruiting process that we combine with your existing process to quickly find the right people to help propel your company forward. We integrate your People Analyzer and Accountability Chart into our search criteria.  We utilize many tools including THE KOLBE SYSTEM™ to help identify a candidate’s core values and ensure they get it, want it and have the capacity to do the job.

Hiring Process Consulting: Your internal hiring process will have a huge impact on the quality of people that you attract and successfully hire.  We work with all internal stakeholders on how to conduct an effective interview and also provide feedback to the team that aligns with the overall candidate scorecard.

Culture building services: Many small to mid-size companies struggle to maintain their culture during rapid growth or as they grow and grapple with a mix of onsite, hybrid and remote employees. We have developed a service that analyzes your current culture in terms of your Core Values, Competence, Commitment, Contribution and Character. We then help you bolster the areas that need help, including: refining Core values, building a communication plan, creating company and departmental goals, and training.  We also create and deliver unique culture building events and experiences.

Outplacement Services: As companies grow or business needs change, letting people go is inevitable.  How companies handle the process has a large impact on company morale and culture.  We have created a unique process that provides these former employees with practical, proactive advice and support for their transition to the next step in their career.

Agency AcceleratorWe have formed an elite advisory team that works side by side with agency leadership and critical partners to develop and execute on your agency's growth and acceleration potential. Advisory services include:

  • Business Assessment - Ownership goals, financials, services, products, technologies, skillsets, structure, talent, competitors, sector potential including benchmarking, behavioral analysis and trends.
  • Demand Generation - Deepen customer relationships, define ideal client profile and secure new business relationships.
  • Strategic Development and Planning - Learnings leverage what has been developed into decisive action plans. Multiple considerations combined with a unique methodology are used to articulate growth plans.
  • Capital Productivity and Transaction Diligence - Evaluate opportunities to accelerate agency growth via private capital and strategic buying community.


Epic Search Partners has no affiliation or Partnership with EOS Worldwide

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